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Welcome to Powers Energy of America

Powers Energy of America, Inc. is an exciting new enterprise created to commercialize emerging bioethanol technology for the production of clean biofuel and electricity from a wide range of low-cost carbon materials, especially municipal solid waste. 

Our primary focus is the commercialization of the world’s leading second generation bioethanol production processes to serve the American renewable transportation fuels market.  Our commercial plants efficiently convert the carbonaceous portion of municipal wastes and organic commercial and industrial wastes, into clean, renewable bioethanol fuel.  The bioethanol produced delivers substantial greenhouse gas savings compared to gasoline and conventional waste disposal strategies.  Our licensed technology allows clean, renewable fuel production in an environmentally-friendly way, without using our nation’s food crops.  Our process is supported by pilot plant operations that have been operating continuously on a range of waste materials.  

We use commercially available waste transportation and processing equipment, combined with proven gasification and distillation equipment to efficiently produce bioethanol for use in our nation's existing automobile fleet.  We introduce proprietary biocatalytic fermentation systems and cleaning/cooling equipment developed in the chemical industry to produce the bioethanol and electricity from synthetic gas produced in the gasifiers.  Municipal waste is the perfect feedstock for producing green energy in a world where global warming and an exploding population are major concerns.

And more importantly, our facilities are environmentally friendly and do not produce harmful  emissions.  Gasification is the cleanest method available today for disposal of municipal waste.   We can completely eliminate methane emissions inherent to landfills while mitigating the concern of long-term liabilities that landfills pose to our communities.  Compared to using gasoline in your vehicles and putting your waste in landfills, our biofuel will reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by up to 100%!